Christy Puetz, Artist

I am a visual artist living and working in Phoenix, Arizona.
I have been creating art since I was a kid. 

As a professional artist, I have been exhibiting for over 25 years.  Working as a teaching artist in the community for over 12.

I truly enjoy what I do!

To keep up on my latest exhibits, workshop locations and schedules, publishings, or whatever else I have been up to head to my blog or email me.

In addition to making art, I am very proud to work with a variety of  amazing non-profits and other organizations promoting the arts.  

A few of my favorites are:

Cultural Arts Coalition
Beads of Courage   
Free Arts                
Valley Life              
The Shemer Art Center and Museum Association
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Vision Gallery         
Ryan House           
Scottsdale Public Art

I also work with many schools, libraries, community centers, hospitals, and individuals.  Everyone should have art in their lives!

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